Not using your conservatory? Transform it into a unsable living space

An Equinox® tiled roof transforms your underutilised conservatory into a cosy, inviting space, whatever the season. Market-leading technology means ambient temperatures are invitingly pleasant, whether it’s the height of summer or the depths of winter.

Why choose Equinox®?

An Equinox® tiled roof will reinvent your existing conservatory as an extra room, extending your home and enhancing the feel of your downstairs living zone. Equinox® is a simple way to transform your conservatory – and it’s an appealing, low-cost alternative to an extension.

Equinox roofs deliver…

  • More light than you thought possible, thanks to clever roof light design.
  • A money-saving, easy-to-install alternative to an extension- and a stylish and economical addition to your property.
  • Formidable savings, with advanced insulation system that cuts down on the need for heating.
  • Everyday appeal, cutting out glare in summer and reducing noise during a downfall.
  • Adaptability – easily fitted to existing or brand-new conservatories.
  • Wide range of tile options and colours to suit your property.