A beautiful bi-fold offering outstanding performance

We hear so much today about our home’s ‘outdoor room’, and our bi-fold doors bring a little of the outside in. With ultra-slim frames and modern lines to delight, our bi-fold doors turn your garden or patio into a stunning extension of your living area, opening up your kitchen or lounge to deliver that much-needed additional space.

Our doors enable you to create a space that really works for you and your family, while never compromising on the security you demand. Our door system is the only one of any material type (Timber, Aluminium, PVC-U) to have British Board of Agrement (BBA) certification, for your peace of mind.

Our PVC-U bi-fold doors deliver…

  • Simple, neat D-handles that let you fold doors back to give an unobstructed view of your patio or garden.
  • A ultra-slim, market-leading design with expansive glazed areas to boost the level of natural light flowing around your home.
  • Safety features that put your mind at rest, including a lever on the D-handle that stops security shoot-bolts from engaging while the door is open, helping prevent damage to your door, carpet, floorboards, or tilework.
  • A variety of frame colours – we offer more than ten frame options so there is a door for every property.
  • Flexible fitting, with bespoke sizing for every conceivable setting.
  • Built-in four-roller aluminium tracks that deliver maximised ease of opening and closing.
  • Triple-weather seals to prevent chilly draughts from entering while providing superb insulation.

Bi-Folding Patio Doors

Our PVC-U bi-folds make a stunning feature of your door while enhancing your home’s energy efficiency and levels of security. Our bi-fold doors incorporate anti-jemmy pins to prevent forced entry, so you can forget about safety concerns and concentrate on the doors’ unrivalled delivery of natural light.

This contemporary product range offers a variety of opening options, so you can adapt your door to fit your needs, both inside and outside your home.