Because even the smallest detail makes the difference

Your structural roof space must perform to the highest standards to enhance your home’s interior. Our fascias conceal and protect the ends of your roof rafters, and they give the top of your house a standardised finish that will withstand the very worst of the weather.

You can choose from flat profiles or a more sculptured ‘ogee’ styling – whichever works best with your home’s character. As with the rest of our roofline range, these PVC-U fascias and fascia boards are available in a variety of colours and finishes, including decorative finials for that final touch of elegance.


PVC-U soffit boards from us are available in three styles, each compatible with our fascias to guarantee an accurate colour match to bring your home’s styling together. Our soffit boards enhance and protect your entire roof, keeping your home looking pristine for years to come.

Soffit choices

For a sleek finish that would enhance the look of any modern home, try classic utility boards; or opt for additional ventilation with vented soffit boards; or try lightweight hollow soffit boards for a money-saving option that looks just as good.

Ventilated soffit boards stop moisture build-up within your roof space before it even starts. If allowed to continue, damp can lead to rotting eaves and joists, which can in turn lead to weakening within the structure of the roof.