So stylish – so simple – so you

Our rotating windows are lovely to look at – and a cinch to use. A unique reversible action allows you to clean external glass without leaving the room, making light work of window-cleaning. Contemporary styling includes bevelled frames and sashes to create a finishing touch that really enhances the appearance of your property from the outside.

And our reversible range delivers on safeguarding, too, utilising child-safety catches to let fresh air circulate freely, while preventing little ones from toppling through.

Key features include…

  • Smooth rotating action that at once keep sashes from protruding into your living space, while leaving sills free to use.
  • An internal night-time ventilation system that allows air to flow freely while keeping your home secure.
  • A special three-chambered cross-section draught-proofing solution that keeps warm air in and cold air out.
  • A smooth, 180-degree reversible movement that allows fresh, pure air to circulate freely around your home.
  • A size and colour to marry with your home’s unique styling; choose from one of our individually produced windows.